The Work of Bob Oddy

Bob OddyYou may know Bob Oddy from the board of members within Transport for London. Bob Oddy is one of a few select groups who take care of transport issues within and around the London area. Bob Oddy is a man who has his own interests, such as being the director of the LTDA Enterprises Company, but he is also heavily involved in affairs that affect taxi drivers in London. Bob Oddy is the general secretary for a 9000 strong group, called the Taxi Drivers Association. Bob Oddy himself has been a taxi driver since 1966 and spent some time driving taxis before moving up to higher positions. It would be wise to point out then, that Bob Oddy has a wide knowledge of taxi driving within the London area, and the issues revolving around taxi driving in London and surrounding areas.

Bob Oddy is also the chief negotiator for taxi fares in London, which is a role that has brought him a fair amount of notoriety. During the Olympic Games, he negotiated that London taxi fares should go up by 20%. This was criticised by some as sticking two fingers up at London visitors and residents, however, Bob Oddy made the case that other cities do it around the world, so why shouldn’t London. Some cabbies were fearful that the increase would push people towards public transport, but many cabbies were happy to make the extra income through what was a busy time for them.

Bob Oddy is supposed to work on behalf of taxi drivers, which means he cannot please both sides of the fence. He cannot help to raise prices to very high levels in order to please taxi drivers or he will upset taxi users. On the other hand, it is the job of Bob Oddy to help people in the taxi industry make more money and earn a better living. Bob Oddy’s actions may seem a little negative in the direction of the public, but he is working in the interests of cab drivers and not their passengers. The situation would be far worse if taxi fares were not regulated at all. It would mean that important London events would instantly cause a citywide rise in fares for taxis. And, it may even lead the drivers to taking advantage of people who desperately need a lift to somewhere. At least whilst Bob Oddy does his job, then there is a system in place for regulating taxi fares.